HoC Loves // Darby Milbrath

" “I like the idea of giving away original drawings,” Darby says. Remembering the classic centrefolds that hung in her dads tool shed and those that graced the pages of Playboy magazine in the 1950s, she was interested in participating in this tradition. Including her own versions as part of the 14th issue of Editorial Magazine gave her the opportunity to bring her own voice to this practice. Additionally, the thought of creating 100 drawings to be given away to strangers was exciting. “I chose to do them on translucent paper so they could crinkle, stain or rip easily. I like the idea that whoever has one could put it in their locker or in their bedroom or even throw it out,” she says." - http://sparkboxstudio.com/artist-in-residence-darby-milbrath


Ashiya Omundsen