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I recently got together with Christobel and Sophie of music duo Pillow Pro to talk inspirational females, balancing studies with music and living together.

A - You’re both at uni, do your studies influence your music or do you keep it separate?

S - this is kind of a difficult question I find~ I think subconsciously they are definitely linked. For me they are both creative outlets so I think essentially I have one main goal that I'm trying to achieve through any music/ art/ design I do. Probably at this stage the music has influenced my degree as I've incorporated soundscapes within designs and thought a lot more about sound In space and interiors.

C - Fresh graduate here! The two worlds were always very separate because my degree is science based and making music and videos and live performing is more about sound and colour and feelings. But I love having both elements in my life because both give me the ability to express different parts of my personality. 

A - Does living together effect your creative process?

S - yes! It means we can be flexible and work around each other's lives and talk about ideas whenever. However we have also recently tried to make more of an effort to plan times to do pillow pro stuff because otherwise it can take over and instead of having one productive day focused on just pp its easy to get distracted by everything else going on around us.

C- I think having space and perspective on what you're working on is so important for productivity and development which can be hard when you're living so closely with your collaborators and when you love what you're doing. But we're definitely learning how to manage our time a bit better and compartmentalise so we can still be really involved but in a healthy and productive way. 

A - Which female has most inspired you musically?

S - there's been many ! One doesn't stick out in particular ~ I guess for me becoming confident in my style of vocals was a big thing so hearing people early on, like Kilo Kish and Kitty Pryde was definitely what inspired me to continue with my own with what I wanted to do.

C- I think i've been influenced a lot by the female RnB divas of my childhood.. Mary J Blige, Lauren Hill, Missy Elliott, Mya, Brandy & Monica, TLC. Around the time I was first writing music I was listening to Grouper a lot which led me to experiment with more ethereal, dark vocals and adding lots of reverb with layered harmonies. At the moment Abra has been a big source of inspiration because i think she embodies those two styles really well and I adore her beats.

A - You have such an amazing stage presence, I think clothes can have an impact on mood and feeling, do you think dressing up helps you get into performance mode?

S - yes! I think so for sure. It can give you the confidence to go on stage and do what you want. I love the way outfits can make me feel and it's a fun element to curate for live shows and videos. It can give the music a more rounded aesthetic and when paired with our songs can communicate a certain mood.

C- It definitely helps get us into performance mood. If we're feeling ourselves and what we're wearing we can focus on the music and performing well. Because the outfits are not what we wear everyday I suppose a different side of us probably comes out when when we put them on.

HoC LovesAshiya Omundsen