HoC Loves // Ushio Shinohara

Ushio Shinohara is an artists that paints and sculpts cinematic reality. Like others of his generation who were raised during Japan’s wartime years, Shinohara developed a deep fascination for the culture that so spectacularly defeated his world. He combines his views of gritty East Village street scenes, garish Coney Island beach bars, packed Manhattan subways bright with Bubblicious ads and then compresses these multiple views into a single canvas or junk-art sculpture. Within this visual chaos, Shinohara’s multiple narratives emerge as legible, even plausible, scenes of life. His subject is our reality, saturated and intensified. Ushio Shinohara became part of the Japanese postwar avant-garde movement, his sculptures of found objects gaining critical recognition as "junk art". Read more about his life and work at http://www.ushioshinohara.com

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